Progress – a little bit

a view at my sideboard. Other than usual this time you can even zoom in to see some of what I put into the boxes if you keep clicking on that photo.

The first thing I did after an almost one week break in my studio was tidying up. Not the usual make-my-work-surface-usable-again tidying up, but the and-also-the-stuff-that-is-waiting-to-be-looked-at-again tidying up, which is a  step more thorough. I tossed some really old projects (for example I figured I will never finish the next two moebius books that I had planned (here and here), and neither the box for the last one I made), and thus made space for packing other work in progress safely away. I like to have the materials that otherwise would scatter every even surface here and there in one box for each project. That didn’t quite work out due to lack of space. But – wow! – I am currently working on seven projects simultaneously. I could have known of course, none was completely forgotten about (yet), but I was not aware that there were quite so many. Just sorting through the stuff helped me sort through my thoughts as well. Some really just needs a small finishing touch.

When I lay awake at night after putting little boy back to bed, I began to think what was the reason to put each single one temporarily aside. I tried to see the bigger picture, and – bang! – I had an idea for nightmare. So the first box is finished now 🙂

inside box has a pencil sketch of a leafless tree, leaves sourround it, grass and water in the distance, moon in the sky
the spell can be found outside on the bottom of the box
the box then gets filled with various found objects, a bit of wood, a cherry stone (I think) a blade of grass, a leaf, a piece of copper, and in this case a stone


2 replies on “Progress – a little bit”

  1. A bit belated here… I’d meant to return to leave a comment days ago! Alas. That said, this is good inspiration for tackling my own big pile of semi-finished projects! Tidying up can be so helpful.

    I like the chalk-like look on the black box. So rather mysterious. It does indeed have the look of some kind of charm or symbolic item for a spell. I like the direction you are going with this!

    1. Dear Ellen,

      no worries about being a little late – as you know I have personal experience with that.
      I am glad to hear you like the box, your opinion means much to me!

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