Perfection – Imperfection

"imperfection" 2/20, Hilke Kurzke

Perfection – what does it mean to you? For me life is a constant balance between the wish to make things perfectly like I had it in mind – and having to face that it doesn’t work, will never work that way.

This edition of 20 prints (all different, see the whole edition here) is the result of my thinking about perfection. — And they are called “imperfection”.
On the backside they all carry a handwritten quote by Salvador Dali: “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”  (That is, the quote is by Dali, it’s written by me!)

I’ve been searching and pondering a while which would be the right quote to put onto these sheets. First I wanted to give each a different statement, written onto the picture side. But a few experiments showed that the print itself looked better without text. And for the quotes: In the end I just liked the assuring Dali quote best. I had another quotation that I also liked – but can’t find it again now. It went something like: “Perfection is easy. Messing up is really hard work!” I thought it fitted my efforts with this prints – but then the Dali quote was just the better everyday theme.

When I showed the prints to dear M., he looked at them a while and then simply and clearly stated: “I don’t get it.” I hope you do! I could give several explanations why this stands for imperfection for me (and I hint at some in the description of the set on Flickr), but I don’t want to peempt you in finding your own explanation.

I’ll finish this post with another picture of one of the prints. They are, by the way, for sale in my Etsy store and in my personal store that I am still editing at the moment. Expect some news about that shop in the near future:

"Imperfection" 4/20 Hilke Kurzke

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  1. Oh, Hilke! I never , ever, expected to find myself thinking the same as a mathematician! But I do see what you say and mean about perfection.
    And, when you look closely at the print on your wall (thankyou!) you will understand.
    Really, one’s own “perfection” is what matters.

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