Since 2017 I have been using paper mache in my works. In 2018 I started to use it to make larger sculptural works.

The endless possibilities for shape and size, paper’s availability, and the lightness of the resulting sculpture all appeal to me. But foremost I like that it is so straight forward to write and print on the paper surface of the resulting structures.

I made many small works, too many to list them all in this place. This is an overview over the larger works and those that are most important to me:

flight, artwork H. Kurzke 2019
Flight, H. Kurzke 2019

Flight, is part of my body of work about women and procreation. The narrow prescription of acceptable attitudes surrounding pregnancy is startling and non-acceptable. The public often has a pre-conception about how a women should feel about their pregnancy, its termination or loss. It is hard to defend feeling happy about being pregnant when everyone around you thinks you should be concerned, for example. All too often women find they have very little margin in what they are allowed to feel, and even more startling, they find it hard to get their voice heard.

Flight is about independence and the right to feel how you feel. Read more about it on its own page here.

In conversation

2018 In conversation is a political piece about human rights, and about how a human rights document only receives its meaning in conversation, if it is agreed upon.

See more about this piece on its own page.

Sailing, H. Kurzke 2018

Sailing is my response to Brexit in form of a paper mache sculpture. See more about the piece on its own page.