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  1. Thanks for your comment, Dymphie. It’s always heart warming to see one’s work appreciated. This is true for me especially while I am still trying to find my way in a new medium.

    Since my own husband says that he can’t see what is in the picture, and doesn’t understand its message, I though I might need to explain it:

    What you see there is a path laid out of pills, leading through a mountains of pill cases into “the light”. A topic that interests me (and troubles me) since I taught at school is that an increasing number children take drugs before tests, exams or even on a regular basis. They range from so called natural, free drugs to heavily psychoactive pills. This form of psycho doping also becomes more common for job interview, important appointments – actually for everything. Apparently the pressure on every single member of this society to perform perfectly is steadily increasing.

    But where does this lead to: To the desired goal, to perfection, – really? What does it say about a society that drugs its kids to perform better in silly tests? These are questions I hoped to raise with this image and its ironic title.

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