New Type of Changeover/Headbands

Trial Headband for changeover

When sewing a book on tapes with the intention of leaving the spine exposed, the kettle stitch always requires some thinking. Whereas the rest of the sewing pattern looks nice almost automatically, the kettle stitch gives an uninteresting pattern at best. Usually I hide it behind a partially covered spine. Or at least the initial knot can be hid inside the section. This morning I thought of a way to integrate it with an endband that works with a link stitch very similar to Coptic headbands.

Der Fitzbund ist immer etwas, worüber man sich bei sichtbaren Bindungen Gedanken machen muss. Während der Rest der Stichmuster praktisch automatisch gut aussieht, sieht der Fitzbund meist ziemlich öde aus. Mein übliche Lösung ist, der Rücken nur teilweise frei zu lassen, und den Fitzbund doch unter einem Streifen Einbandmaterial verschwinden zu lassen. Heute morgen hatte ich allerdings die Idee, ihn mit einer Art Kapitalband zu verbinden.

spine view – still a bit too irregular for my taste

The headband itself still looks a little irregular and the specifics need a little improvement. Work for the next days.

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  1. looks very nice! I agree with you the kette stitch is unattractive, i sometimes add an extra turn to the stith (a knot) so to say to spice it up a little. The big disadvantage of my method is you cannot joggle the thread to work the tension anymore. Thanks for sharing your headband.

  2. Hi Hilke

    Looks interesting, very elegant. Will keep an eye on this thread.

    Sorry for neglecting your blog, I’ve been without computer for a while.

    Best wishes

    Billie 🙂

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