everlasto jute 09 kleiner

It was already a year ago when I bought two pieces of everlasto jute twine. Since then two pieces have been lying in the sun (well, as much sun as there is to be had here in England). The colour does fade. But I think the amount of that is tolerable for a book. And so I am going to use it for binding on cords. I was able to get a selection of smaller, 50m spools for a start, and I hope you’ll like it as much as I do! Get it here.

jute twine used to bind a book
used fro binding on cords, already a year ago. – I really need to get covers on to that book!

You’ll probably see me making a couple of books with it in the near future. For the moment, I used it to crochet. Well, as I admitted in the last post, I am kind of a crochet maniac at the moment. I crochet everything I can get my hands on. Yesterday I made baskets from old T-shirts, today I tried the jute thread again (last week I made some containers) and made some coasters:

jute crafting Anyone interested in the crochet pattern for these coasters? Here is a short version:

Basic coaster (used in the upper two)

  1. Round: chain 3, then add 11 half treble (htr) into first chain; join with a slip stitch (sl)->12 stitches
  2. chain 2, htr into same stitch, then 2 htr into each of the next stitches, join with a sl -> 24 stitches
  3. chain 2, htr into same stitch, (htr into next stitch, 2htr into the next stitch) repeat (*) until the end ->36 stitches.
  4. join the last ends when you tie off and weave in the end.

The colourful chains are added as chains on top, through the stitches. I used a cotton thread for that.

Sunflower coaster (low in the image)

  1. Round: chain 3, then add 11 htr into first chain, join with a sl ->12 stitches
  2. chain 2, htr into same stitch, then 2 htr into each of the next stitches, join with a sl -> 24 stitches
    Change colour on last thread around hook
  3. 3ch, tr into next stitch but wait with last pull-though, tr into next stitch, then pull through all
    (4ch, STAR), repear (*) until the end. Finish with 4ch and sl through start
    STAR: tr into next three stitches but wait with last pull through until the third one is done
  4. ch3, (5 htr around next ch-space, ch) repeat until the end, finish off.

(Edit: I used 5htr around ch-space for the final round of the sunflower coaster, however, it seems a day later that 6 might have been the better choice – the rim is a tad too tight and is raising above the table.)