print 03 kleiner
Women with Hat, Linocut by H. Kurzke

Like always I am burried deep in things that need doing. My homepage needs updating, a new newsletter needs to be written, books reviewed that I bought and received during the festive season, … Yesterday evening I finished the first complete draft (on my computer) for 346, the book I am going to get printed. I’ll have to read and correct a couple more times until I am going to order a first proof. So I should be editing that, too.

But this morning I entered my studio and decided to just not care about all the work that needs doing. I figured I earned myself a carefree studio day. – And it was great! So what did I do? Well, not much. Mostly I sorted through stuff while listing to loud music. I finished finally a box that I started four years ago. I also tried a new idea for a printing plate which didn’t work. So in the end, to have something to show for, I made this small print, just about 5cm x 8cm in size. I guess I am going to put one in a bottle. Maybe I’ll make bookmarks from others. I don’t know yet.

The image is inspired by a drawing I found in Women’s Work by¬† Elizabeth W Barber. The sketches in my sketchbook are more or less copies of what I saw there.

sketch 01 kleiner
drawings in my sketchbook and finished printing block
print 01 kleiner
My desk during printing action. – Few space, but luckily it is a small print
print 02 kleiner
some finished prints

What I liked in the original, and which I tried to stress in my version is the subbornly lifted chin. – This woman sure is not to be messed with. I think I like the print on pink. And I think I will like to add more of her body. I like the indicated nudeness without giving much away; the simplicily of the composition and the lines; and its overall strangeness. Will have to work on how to translate that into print. But for now I am quite pleased with this outcome and the day.

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