Oh, yummy, yummy. There are now 14 new colours of Lin Cablé available. For the first time they are doing bright “silly” colours like cotton candy pink, and a yellow-green anis. I am so excited that I now also have them available in my Shop.

With 44 colours available now, it is getting harder to organize them in a way that people find useful. So I have a little favour to ask from you! Could you please take a look at one of the listings that make you choose the colour from a drop down menu – for example for a full spool here: Lin Cable No. 432. And then please let me know whether you think that they are arranged in a way that make it easy for you to find the colour you are looking for.

They are currently ordered in the way they appear in the colour chart. This has the advantage in my eyes, that for example all the yellow tones or blue tones, etc. are listed side by side. So if you want several blues, you can find them easily.

However, I could also imagine listing them by alphabet. Would that be easier? And if so, would you like to find something like “royal blue” under r for royal or under b for blue?

Thank you for your help!

P.S.: If you count carefully – which you probably don’t 🙂 – then you’ll notice that I didn’t manage to put a picture of every colour that I now carry into this post. Head over to Etsy to see them all!

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  1. Hi Hilke 🙂

    I am enjoying following you on Instagram! I looked at your Etsy listing and, yes, I think alphabetical would be a little bit easier, but following the color names on the chart, so “royal blue” under “R”. That being said, the thread is so lovely that if it was in my budget to get some, I would make the effort to find the colors I wanted. I don’t think it is that much harder the way it is.

    1. Hello Amy, welcome to the blog and thank you for your comment! I am glad you like the thread! Mhm, I briefly thought it was a good idea to sort by colour, but that’s probably a little obscure to someone looking to place an order. I suppose I should re-arrange the colour choices by colour. At least that’s something that’s quick and easy to understand. Thanks again for your input!

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