New Buttonhole Style

new buttonhole style
New Buttonhole Style, First Trial

Of course I couldn’t resist the urge to try this right away. Not with a plan in the head and a ready made sketch at hand, and all the materials already gathered in my studio. And so I didn’t wait until Monday like I was planning to, but finished the book already yesterday.

It has some minor flaws. For example the two holes on the head and tail of the book are not completely evenly distributed. But other than that I am rather pleased.

One of the difficulties with this variant is that you pass the needle through a hole that is sitting, let’s say behind the third signature, but you want to go into the fifth. This problem was more severe when doing the “other side” of the hole, with half of the binding already finished. So I am thinking of modifying the making just a little bit to fix this. I’ll keep you updated…

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  1. Thanks for your comments! Three new buttonhole covers are drying at the moment, and I will continue experimenting with them either this afternoon, or tomorrow. Since I want to use the newly designed binding on one of my current commissions, I will definitely keep on working on this.
    I’m too busy at the moment, to keep the blog up to date with all my work – finished 7 book only yesterday… ah, the pleasures of much work to do 😉
    But I’ll let you know whether and how I worked this out.

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