My New Studio

Welcome to my Studio
entering my small studio - now it's only about half the size of my previous space

Welcome to my new studio. Yesterday evening I finally finished sorting through my paper scraps and sorted everything into shelves, boxes and the new cabinet. The light-situation still has to be improved significantly. Some other, minor changes are also already planned. But I can work again!

Join me on this mini-tour through my space:

My new Studio
In the above picture you see the wall at the left hand side. There’s storage space and a table at the window, holding my presses. It leaves a little space to put items there while working. The area above the table still only shows the naked wall – I have not decided yet what to hang there.

My Studio
Close-up of the shelf above my working desk. The lower shelf holds things I want to have ready at hand (like bone folders and knives). The above shelf hosts small stuff. Note the boxes at the back of the picture:

My Studio
This is one of them – holding some old photographs.

My Studio
And this treasure chest holds some origami boxes filled with ribbons and other small items. (If you are interested in the boxes, I once posted a tutorial for folding them.)

I uploaded one more photo to my Flickr photostream. – And now I’m off to work in my new studio – see you around!

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  1. What a nice-looking little studio. Thanks for the tour. It’s always so interesting to see artists’ spaces.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon!

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