You are welcome to take a guess what this view is. – It’s looking outside at a surprisingly clear sky over Nottingham tonight from my new studio at Backlit.

This is how my Backlit studio looked like on 1st of May

Backlit is an artist-led gallery space and provides studios for rent. And since May 1st, I now have a studio here. Moving in took me longer than expected, nearly 2 weeks, but now I feel finally settled here.

I still have my studio in the washhouse in Wollaton, and next weekend I will be holding my open studio day there. – A situation that feels a bit unreal. But I nevertheless hope to see as many people as possible there of course!

bringing some stuff into my new studio

With two studios I now have to make the decision where to work on a given day. – Not always easy. But I tried to split my practise a little. I can write here or there, but I brought my yudu machine and my paper mache to backlit – both messy processes. The rest for now stayed in Wollaton.

But apart from this difficult decision, it is great so far, and I am so happy about the decision to apply and being accepted in! I actually meet people which is great. I hope I am not expecting too much, but it would be great to just have the occasional unexpected exchange with another artist.

getting there – studio after a week

Surprisingly, this split of studios and work, generates an increased peace of mind for me. It comes especially surprising to me after I thought about stress and chronic lack of time so much lately. The fact that I have less things I can do after I made my choice for the time being brings a welcome feeling of rest. – Even thought I am probably much less efficient. Well, time will tell. For now the next task is to fill my shelf space. – And I need to make some prints to fill these white walls!

Studio today

O.k., after talking about work, it’s time to start. – I want to get another head done, preferably before the open studio (not likely) and work on some miniatures (on it 🙂 ).