me in my refuge – not really a studio space

I briefly mentioned it in my last blogpost: We bought a house here in Wollaton, today we got the keys for the new place. Before we moved here, I wondered how living in a new country would effect the work I am producing.I have no idea how the fact that I am in England now effected my work – if at all – but that I essentially lost studio space had a big impact. Due to lack of space, I hardly made any journals (with the exception of a series of Jeans books last autmn), and with just about a square meter where I can stand, it is hardly a surprise that much of what I made are miniatures.

With the new house comes a brick-built outhouse which will serve as my new studio. Above you see me standing in my current space, facing one of the walls, to show you as much of the room as I can. On the photo below I am standing in the room which will become my new studio. Again I am facing a corner of the room. – But there is just no comparison. I feel so free there, with room above my head. Here I am literally bumping my head all the time.

inside the outhouse which will become my new studio

Well, moving of course has a downside, too: I will soon close down shop, to work on the new house, to pack all our stuff, and generally get the new place ready to move in. But I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the first day I’ll actually work in my new space.

I feel like I am finally arriving here.

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  1. Congratulations from both David and I! I do not envy you the process of moving, but I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of your new space. ; ]

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