Monster Book Update

monsterbuch 002Apparently I was too optimistic about finishing those covers in one day. This is how they look like this morning.

I am working on both at the same time, because after a few new feathers, I glue them on the back so that they do not slip out of the mesh. And while the glue is drying I am working on the other cover.

By now I cannot help but think I should have bought artificial fur instead. On the other hand these feathers are so nice to work with. They are goose down, and so soft. And I like the range of colors they have. I generally like my books, but this is the first I want to touch and stroke all the time.

I’ll continue my inverse plucking today.

4 replies on “Monster Book Update”

  1. Very strokeable. (Is there such a word and how is it spelled?) Want to see the whole thing put together now.

  2. It’s nice to hear that you are all interested in this project. 🙂
    I hope to finish it next week. Read as: it’s still not done…

  3. Hello Hilke, I am following your blog for some time now, and just want to say, how great it is – your thoughts, your works, your tips! And I am really exited to see the final monster book (somehow I’d like to stroke it, too, but maybe it just escaped from the city of dreaming books …)- I think the feathers are a great idea and worth the work.

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