Monster Book Finished

May I introduce you to the newest member of my book bestiary:

Book in Monster Costume

Book in Monster Costume

Book in Monster Costume - View of the Spine

Book in Monster Costume - a look from the back

It was hard to determine a price of something that took me so unexpectedly long to make, but it is now for sale. You can look at other entries for the challenge by searching for the keyword “BESTcarnival” on Etsy, or by clicking this link. There will be more added during this week, and on Friday we will introduce them all on our team blog.

5 replies on “Monster Book Finished”

  1. Hilke, I love this! I’d buy it, but I don’t think it would survive the fumigation by Australian Customs.(We have very strict laws here regarding animal and vegetable imports)
    But at least I can see it here 🙂

  2. It makes you want to run your fingers through it! Looks so soft… I can’t imagine working all those feathers into mesh–and then mounting it to the book boards! It looks seamless. Really nice. And fun.

  3. Thanks to all for your comments!

    @dinahmow: You can’t import something like this to Australia? I heard about New Zealand that people had difficulties importing paper which had seed enclosures. This I can understand. But I assure you that no live goose will pop up from this book, haha!
    Are you also forbidden then to import leather hides and the like? That would make buying supplies a real pain, I imagine.

    @Paper Chipmunk: It was tedious to make, and took me 2 weeks to complete. I made a video showing me adding some feathers to post it here. But then I figured it would be too much pain to watch. Plus I had music running in the background, and again and again forgot that the camera is running, and on each of the three video shoots, I started singing along at some point. – Really unpleasant to hear 😉

  4. Haha, I love the monster!!! And I’m sorry you didn’t post your sing-a-long, I’d certainly like to hear it! 😀

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