Mini Photo Album

Stralsund - Mini Photo AlbumI made another mini book. As always, it is fun using up scraps. This is a mini photo album with the title Stralsund. To see more sample inside pages, visit my Photostream on Flickr.

This mini album was unfortunately too small for my new butterfly buttonhole technique.

I am planning another mini photo album for Leipzig, and maybe some other cities or themes.
Stralsund - Mini Photo Album Sample PageSomething that worked well was the construction of the pages with the tiny tabs and the mounting of the photos. Before I bound it the pages lay completely flat.

Although a little bulk from the thread is generally desired, I am not happy with how thick the binding thread is compared to the scale, so I’ll look out for a different thread. It also turns out that I don’t really like the look of the buttonhole for this size. Maybe I’ll try a limp leather construction for the next one (something I already considered for this booklet), or a binding with screws, taking split pins as a substitute for the screws. I’ll have to test whether they are long enough to really fasten this book block.

mini photo album by H.Kurzke

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  1. Hilke, hi, verrat mir doch ein Geheimnis. Wie groß ist eigentlich deine Lupe – bei so winzigkleinen Bücherlein?

  2. Thanks, Marguerite, for you comment. It makes me happy to know that you like my little book – and I am looking forward to seeing on your blog what you will come up with 🙂

    Peter, ich habe in der Tat ein Uhrenglas hier. Ich war schon verschiedentlich versucht, es zu benutzen, aber das schränkt das Gesichtsfeld zu sehr ein, um mir nützlich zu sein. Aber wer weiß, wenn die Altersweitsichtigkeit erstmal einsetzt…

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