Merry Christmas

NUC Christmas Tree S Calhoun
By Shawncalhoun (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
Hello, everyone. Sorry for being so silent in the past weeks. I would have had some stories to tell, actually: I taught my first workshop with three participants at the Nottingham Writers’ Studio. It was a lot of fun for all of us, I think. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. And then everything happened so quickly and so much. I struggled with shipping all thread and bookbinding kit orders quickly and correctly, to make or buy and wrap Christmas presents, organize this and that – and somehow the time for blogging was always lacking.

So now I am just dropping in quickly to wish you all a merry christmas or, if you are not celebrating, a couple of merry days without christmas at the end of the year. And we’ll talk in the next.

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    1. Hello Cathryn,

      thanks for the good wishes! Unfortunately there has been going on so much here behind the scenes, that I didn’t get around to really get any baking done. – Must be the first advent that I am celebrating exclusively with shop bought cookies. At least I found a source for lebkuchen this year. For the same reason I didn’t get any baking done, I am also lagging behind with cards. I am afraid, you’ll not get one from me, at least not this year, and I am very sorry about that. Especially since you even sent a gift. – Thank your once again, – I am looking forward to unwrapping it and take a closer look when it’s time.


  1. And to you, dear Hilke! A very merry Christmas to you. I’m behind with everything too… ! Honestly, with all you have going on, I’m really impressed you got to teach the workshop … and even made it to the store to buy biscuits/cookies!

    I hope you and all the family have a wonderful Christmas.

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