Me Working – Still not on Books

me and the new old press
me and the new old press

The past week I have mainly been busy with creating my homepage. I am rather proud that I wrote the whole page by hand and not in a visual editor or with preset styles. Using wordpress for the blog and the homepage would have been so much easier that I feel a bit foolish by doing that, though.

Writing the homepage by hand took so much more time, not only because I needed to learn how to do it first: It’s hard to decide what to start with and what design to choose if you are starting with an empty file, not with making a choice between a number of predefined layouts. Well, I am not sure whether I am completely satisfied with the whole setup as it is now, but I decided that it is well enough for a start, and stopped worrying about it for a while. I can always redesign it later.

When I needed some time away from my computer I continued to work on cleaning my new old bookpress. As you can see in the picture I am almost done. – I’m so looking forward to that day when it is clean and painted and sitting in my studio! Then I can finally get back to making books. And even better – with a real book press.

Have a nice weekend!

P.S.: You can still enter the give-away that I started on my moving day!

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  1. Das alte, mühevoll entrostete Schätzchen schaut recht fröhlich in seine arbeitsreiche Zukunft. Die Dinger sind immer seltener auf dem Markt und werden immer teurer. Glückwunsch!

  2. Ich hab’ meine schon vor Wochen relativ (!) günstig auf Ebay erworben. Das dachte ich jedenfalls. Aber nun muss ich doch ganz schön viel Arbeit reinstecken, und ich wünschte ich hätte das Doppelte bezahlt und eine restaurierte bekommen.

    Aber ich freue mich schon drauf, endlich damit zu arbeiten. Und sie sieht in der Tat nicht aus, als würde sie demnächst auseinander fallen. Jetzt wünsche ich mir noch eine Druckpresse. Und eine ordentliche – öh – finishing press und, und…

    Ich bin schon gespannt drauf, dein Werk für den Swap zu sehen! – Das muss ja ein ganz schöner Brocken sein. Ich bin gespannt (und vermute, es
    wird was auf dem Buch oder aus dem Buch herauswachsen).

  3. Hi Hilke, congrats on your new blog and website! I love your blog title – funny and so true (for me, at least!). 🙂 It’s amazing that you did all this yourself. You are much more tech-savvy than I am.

  4. Hi Buechertiger

    Congratulations on your new site, I’m off for a good look round. Well done for all you hard work.

    Glad its not just me who puts a bandana on, when they are doing serious work 😉

    Best wishes


  5. Your new site looks great, though I did also enjoy the old one. I am very impressed you designed it all yourself. I look forward to seeing lots more of your books now. My blog is still languishing, unused for months but I hope that I get my act together soon and start writing about my books.

  6. Thanks, guys! I am glad that you like the new site. Just to make sure that I don’t claim credits for what I didn’t do, I include at the end another explanation of what I did.

    Yes, I am sometimes wearing a bandana, especially when it’s hot I like it, even if I don’t do serious work 🙂

    @Carol: I’m looking forward to you taking up blogging again. The RSS-feed still sits in my reader which waits to be fed 😉

    I now own the domain, content can be found on the toplevel domain : here and this is what I refer to as “my homepage” and this I did from the scratch. This blog here sits in a subdomain ( and for this I used a already defined theme. I altered it a bit, but the real coding, how to deal with the database involved is the real work and that was not done by me. Credits are given at the end of the blog’s main page.

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