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me this morning at the writer’s studio – look, they have a type writer on the sideboard. I wonder whether it is in a usable state

I am currently sitting at the writer’s studio, trying to find my way into working on 346 and on a text about my message in a bottle project. Instead, as you can see, I am blogging, but well, blogging is writing too, right?

Sitting here, I realized that I have not told you about the writer’s studio yet. – I have been a member for maybe two weeks now, and I am still trying to figure out how everything works. Essentially the Nottingham Writer’s Studio is a community of writers of all kinds that share some facilities near the city centre. I found them while I was browsing the internet, and the thought of having office space outside my home office and meeting other writers was immediately appealing.

It took me a couple of days, and a shift in self perception to apply, though. Up until now I have not really thought of myself as a writer. Of course I was aware that a lot of what I did involved writing, but since I am not writing novels, and am not published by a publishing house, somehow, it just never occured to me to say I am a writer.
When I was asked during the application process at NWS what kind of texts I am writing (fictional, non-fictional, novels or poems, …) that was when it really hit me how much writing I am doing all the time. From advertisement texts for my thread, over snippets that describe my art, writing that is part of art, instructions, blog-entries, … And I currently do have a lot of writing projects of different nature living partially finished on my computer waiting to be finished. Which is getting increasing hard to do at home with the children’s ability to open doors developing, as well as their ability to get into fights and and their seeking out Mum who tries to work next door for mediating even though Dad really would be on duty. And due to not exactly soundproof walls (it feels like I am sitting in the children’s playroom trying to work) I find myself mediating even if M. is there before I am.

Apparently on weekends, the other members of the studio are home, though, maybe even enjoying a day off. Today I find myself completely alone here. I am not exactly sure whether this is a good or a bad thing. Right now I find it a little spooky, I must say. Well, I’ll try to get some of the more pressing work done now… Talk to you soon (for example about rapidographs)!

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  1. How wonderful you now have a workspace outside the house! (And I like the photo of you, too, clutching your mug.) Indeed, I would think that writing is a big part of what you do. I hope this quiet oasis away from the shrill little fighting, door-opening devils sweet little angels gives you some much-needed time to be productive.

    1. Hello Ellen,

      a pleasure to see you stop by as always! Thanks for your comment – yes, it is really good to be away from time to time and I definitely got more done yesterday than I would have at home. And at times door opening devils is exactly the right description 🙂


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