Making of
The first of 12 pieces attached to the dowel

So here it goes. I cut two dowels into shape and attached the first of 12 pieces. You can see it is already quite thick. And it does have some spring to it, but when it has been held in shape for a while, it should settle and not spring open that much. Actually this effect could be observed pretty much right away.

Making of
held in place by paper

I attached it to the dowel with the help of some staples and glue. To make sure it stays in place while the glue settles, and to let the Tyvek adjust to being rolled up tightly, I wrapped more paper around and closed it off with some tape.

Next up is attaching the next piece.

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    1. Indeed. I hope this will finally work out! I have been working on this for a full year now and long to finally finish it. The topic is so close to my heart that it is harder than other work I did in the past…

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