Making Books too Fast

Write it up!I am working on a  new series of journals at the moment. The one you see on the left was the first I made. It still had a different format than those that I am making now. But it already has the characteristic traits:  These books have sketch paper pages, four pouches at the back for all the ephemeral stuff one collects while journalling: receipts, business cards, entrance cards, dried flowers, and the like.

The covers are fabric with a hand cut lino stamp on the front. The binding is Coptic with a third hole between two.


Yesterday I made was was meant to be the first in the new series.

-And used the wrong punching template, the one that I used for the smaller books. Ack! I cannot say exactly how this could happen. It is not like I didn’t know that my pages now were taller. I only really noticed once the book was done. I guess this happens when working too quickly.

Ich arbeite gerade an einer neuen Serie von Tagbüchern. Sie haben alle den Bleistiftdruck auf dem Vorderdeckel (ein selbstgeschnittenes Stück Linoleum), die Seiten sind aus Zeichenpapier, und hinten sind vier Taschen zu finden. Als ich gestern das erste gemacht hatte, und während ich schon am fotographieren war, fiel mir erst auf, dass ich das falsche Template für die Löcher benutzt habe.

Verzwirnt und Zugeleimt!

So, although the book is not bad as such it’s back to folding paper! These are the really frustrating parts of binding books: Having to start over every now and then, and always when you thought you were actually done.