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The term break has come, and while I enjoy more time with the kids, it also means less time for work, which in turn means writing after they went to bed (and sometimes before they wake up, but they can be hard to beat on that front; current wordcount: 67k). While I am struggling to fit in everything into my schedule, including plans for a new garden (paving works will start after Easter), selecting wallpaper, and not choosing new bathrooms (we have been wanting to do this for a year now, and still can’t decide on what we want, and thus still shower in a broken shower tray).

Wallpaper, mhm: a year after our damp-proof course we are allowed wallpapers again. I have never before had printed wallpapers. I always just painted over plain paper. Now that I had a look – oh my! I am so amazed what there is out there. Somehow when I heard wallpaper, I though of 70s brown and orange, dizzy-ing geometric pattern. Or stripes with roses on it. I can’t quite explain it. Of course I knew that there were other wallpapers out there. – Well, but now I am overwhelmed by the possibilities, and will have to be careful not to render all walls unsuitable for hanging pictures.

While all this is going on, I don’t really get to read as much as I would like to. Not to speak of making anything. I really need to get done with my books! I hope I’ll manage a bit on the coming weekend. In the meantime, the pile of books I would like to read is growing (as of course I don’t let lack of time stop me from buying more). I might switch from reviews to purchase lists again, as I did in the past. Let me know if you would be interested in that.

red hot cross buns

And because I don’t have enough to do, I chose to accept an new job: From next autumn term on (September) I will be teaching at the German Saturday School in Leicester. I am going to teach a group of bilingual children aged 7-8. So most children understand and speak German well already, and a strong focus is on maintaining a positive attitude towards the language and conveying some of German culture. So while reading and writing skills are important, there will be a lot of crafting, making, and baking involved. So be prepared to find a couple of children’s projects here soon, while I start to think about and plan my course plan.

And of course it is time to bake with my own children now, preparing for Easter. On Monday we made our first hot cross buns of the year, and lacking apricot jam or golden syrup, I went for rasberry jam, rendering our buns red hot.

Happy crafting and making to you all!

Edit/ P.S.: I forgot to mention I did some prints last weekend. Following a rather frustrating kitchen lino fail (I do not even have misprints to show you, it just didnt’ work at all), I quickly made a drypoint on rhenalon: my newest very small edition bookmark, pagan girl:

pagan girl

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