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me with the power tools
A picture from the archive. But assume the platen there is my bookbinding kit and you get an idea what I am working at: I am using all power I can get for polishing it up for the first testing round – want kits out on Monday if possible.


Ein Bild aus dem Archiv. Aber stell dir vor, die Platte dort ist meine Anleitung und wir haben ein schöne Metapher, woran ich gerade arbeite: Aufpolieren. Am Montag gehen die ersten Test-Kits raus wenn nichts mehr dazwischen kommt. Aber dafür muss ich jetzt noch fix arbeiten, arbeiten, arbeiten.

Here is my literature list for March

Keeping the list makes me buy books as opposed to putting them on a wishlist and thinking that I won’t read them anyway right now. I like that. It is still not much, though:

Instructions by Neil Gaiman (author) and Charles Vess (Illustrator): I love the story, well I like most of Gaiman’s writing, and especially the short stories. This here is even shorter, a short short story in that there is a story that is not really told but can be guessed at from what is being said. As if there was a veil thrown over a scene and then photographed: It shows you something but not everything, and with the right amount of skill the resulting image is more exciting and curious than the plain picture could be.

Japanese Bookbinding: Instructions From A Master Craftsman by Kojiro Ikegami – waiting to be read more thoroughly but I expect to like it 😉

Handmade Books (Lark Studio) by: Ray Hemachandra (editor), Julie Hale (editor), Larry Shea (editor). I read others were dissappointed by the book’s size. Having it now in my hands I can understand why, it is not quite a mini book but almost. But that doesn’t bother me. It is a picture book of books that features one big and one small photo per page, and for that a size of 13cm square suffice. What slightly disappointed me was that by browsing the pages I got the impression I had seen all the photos already. Not just the books but the photos. Now, I have not checked them all. But indeed some of the photos used in other Lark Studio publication(s) are the same (500 handmade books – there I found matches, have not checked Master of Book Arts). But looking closer I think I saw some new takes, too – or maybe books I overlooked before, which amounts for me to the same thing. And for less than 10 Euro I am happy with my purchase.

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  1. Heh… the skull and crossbones goes so well with the power tool. (And what a find that press was!)

    Japanese Bookbinding is a fine addition to the collection. You and your book lists… last time when you directed us to the list on Philobiblon, I wound up following way too many links and looking up too many books. I should not be encouraged to browse more bookmaking books 😉

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