Literature List for May

Sorry the list is late – again! A lot has been going on that kept me from blogging: The kids are now two years old! Flickr has gone through major changes and I decided to join the exodus and can now be found on ipernity instead. More moving is being prepared, but I’ll tell you about that at a different time. Now to the list:

  • Making Mini Books: Big Ideas for 30+ Little Projects by Kathleen McCafferty – no time to read it properly yet, just briefly flicked through and was a little disappointed to see so many pictures of books that I have seen before, on Etsy, or on Flickr or where-ever. But that says more about me than about the book, I guess. It features several projects along with clear instructions, in a plain clear layout.
  • Eco Books: Inventive Projects from the Recycling Bin by Terry Taylor much the same as with the one above. Again I just briefly leafed through the book, and should I dramatically chance my opinion later, you will of course hear from me. They are both from Lark Crafts and I find them rather similar in their appearance and make-up. Again I am a bit disappointed for having seen much of the content before. Not so much the individual books in this case but the whole idea. There is for example the idea to make a book from baggage tags or from cereal boxes or from junk mail. The truly funny idea was a book from an egg carton. Depending on the size and format, different book structures are presented, Coptic, Longstitch, simple one-section stitching, and some more. Again, nothing really new but nicely presented with large beautiful pictures. Both could be interesting to those who do not have much literature on such projects yet.
  • Embroidered Books: Design, Construction and Embellishment
    by Isobel Hall not quite what I expected from the cover, but nonetheless (or maybe therefore) interesting and inspiring exactly in that it is different than expected. I thought I was buying a book about cover decoration (embroidery of textile covers), but it turns out it is more about wholly textile books and book forms. Will have to study it more closely, I hope I’ll find some time for this soon.
  • Book Art by Clare Youngs this one I was most looking forward to receiving this month, and I have not even found the time to unwrap it yet…