Literature List for January

Literature lists are back! When hubby and I visited Chicago a couple of years ago we saw a special exhibition with works of Olafur Eliasson which we both thought was amazing, and we kept talking about it every now and then. For Christmas, hubby wished for a book about him, and got it from his parents along with a DVD. We have not yet found the time to look at the DVD, but I love the book! However, after a brief consideration I decided not to put it on the list because it is not my book.

  • Something to (s)pray: Der Street Artivist Banksy: Eine kunstwissenschaftliche Untersuchung  von Ulrich Blanché. Die Publikation ist aus einer Dissertation entstanden, und das Buch liest sich genau so. Ist nicht so ganz mein Stil, selbst für einen wissenschaftlichen Text könnte er sich meiner Meinung nach schöner lesen. Von Reue über den Kauf aber keine Spur. Ich habe zugegebenermaßen auch noch nicht besonders weit gelesen. Viel ist über Banksy aber noch nicht geschrieben worden, und mir gefällt, dass er hier in einen Kunsthistorischen Zusammenhang gestellt wird. Ein Buch aus dem ich wahrscheinlich eine Menge lernen werde, und ich freue mich schon drauf, weiterzulesen.
  • Wall and Piece von Banksy, expanded edition from 2006. It is mainly a picture book with small texts of Banksy talking about why he made it, small anecdotes about the backstory or reception, as well as comments about street art, spraying and pasting as such. An amazing book that you should have. Banksy is dead cool. I don’t share his views in all aspects, as is apparent otherwise I would be doing different art. But many of his remarks and comments are witty and worth to be heart, and his art impressive and by now highly regarded also by the art scene that he seems to despise, so if you don’t have it yet, go have a look at it in your library or buy your own copy!
  • Print Workshop. Hand-printing Techniques + Truly original Projects. Includes Templates From Yellow Owl Workshop by Christine Schmidt.
  • Infinite Possibilities. Science, Math, Book Arts, published by 23 SandyGallery. This is the exhibition catalog of said exhibition. You can see the entries also online, click here to go there. I think the printversion is worth its money.
  • Book Art Studio Handbook: Techniques and Methods for Binding Books, Creating Albums, Making Boxes and Enclosures, and More by Stacie Dolin