Lino Printed Covers With Double Headbands

lino printed coversIt’s standing upside down, sorry, – but the headband is nicer on the tail.

When I made my last Coptic bound book I accidentally crossed the threads when going up to the next signature. I thought it looked nice – and a lot like what I had seen before. So, instead of experimenting myself this time, I dug out the instructions for the Celtic weave and tried it on this next book. – I didn’t work properly. I think it looks somewhat odd. I’ll have to retry.

At least the headbands worked out o.k. The only problem is that the two colors I chose don’t stand out properly, so I’ll have to do it again to get better photos for the instructions I am putting together at the moment. M. already mocked that I managed to make decorations that camouflage themselves.

About the instructions: My plan is to compile them into a little pamphlet, and once this is finished I’ll also have tutorial posts here. – Hang on, it won’t be long now.

And now to something completely different: I’ll be a guest blogger on Rachel’s blog on Sunday. (I am already quite excited about that. This is my first time!) I will be talking about papers, which ones I use, what are their differences and the like. This will be the start of a theory series that I will continue here every Thursday. So don’t miss the start!