Just a brief update

Just a brief update on how things are going: I have managed to make M. try the first headband in my book “Six ways to make Coptic headbands”. With a lot of sighing he finally managed to make it. (I was sitting in the next room, resisting the temptation to run there, each time he was muttering questions under his breath.)
With his help I found some things I still can improve, and he also found some more typos. But essentially I only have to print and bind a first few copies and I’m done.

Also, I asked a broader audience whether anyone has ever seen these headbands before, and apparently no-one else knows or makes them.

But, when I scheduled the book to be in my shops this week I forgot that I’ll be traveling the next weeks. – Now I am pondering about putting it up when I come back. What do you think?