June’s Literature List

a different kind of fragmentsThese are trials for a new (old) project. Finally! The City is almost done now for real. Half of the books are in their cover in in their box ,the other half is coverless – and probably feeling cold – in their respective boxes. The rest of the work will get done at nights while watching stupid SF series episodes with hubby. Photos still are due, but taking pictures takes time, too…

So, this is June’s literature list. Shorter and quite different from last month’s:

  • Origami Card Craft. 30 clever cards and envelopes to fold by Karen Elaine Thomas. I love this book! If you are looking for some ideas for cleverly made cards, here you’ll find them, and beautifully presented, too.
  • 1,000 artists’ books Exploring the  book as art. Wie vorher schon bemerkt: zwei meiner Bücher, incantamenta und unborn thoughts, sind ebenfalls enthalten, also bin ich nicht ganz unbefangen. Das Buch hat einige Schwierigkeiten, zum Beispiel find ich es sehr schade, dass nicht einmal Platz für die Buchtitel neben den Fotos waren. Aber es ist auf jeden Fall ein schönes “Bilderbuch” und enthält eine Menge inspirierender Beispiele von Buchkünstlern überall in der Welt.
    As remarked before: two of my books are contained, too, so I am biased. But I think this book is very much worth its money: A lot of images of beautiful books, a great source of distraction, entertainment and inspiration.
  • Piep, Piep, Piep von von Soledad Bravi. (original Französisch) Ich habe es als Buch für die Kinder gekauft, aber ich mag es lieber als sie. Meiner Meinung nach mal wieder ein Fall, in dem ein Künstlerbuch fälschlicherweise als Kinderbuch eingestuft wurde.
  • Between Page and Screen by Amaranth Borsuk and Brad House. To read the book a webcam and software is needed. More about it at www.betweenpageandscreen.com
    It has a different language game on each page it seems. I have not read it all, not even close, and I have not found out the game for each page I have seen yet. But it sounds like outputs from oulipo. I wish I could say more about it. In any case, it is a book you will purchase because you like the idea and/or want to try it once for yourself, maybe because you like these kinds of riddles, but probably not because you are interested in the story that is been told.


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  1. My “1000 Books” arrived yesterday and, so far, I love it. Of course, I have only looked briefly!But it gives me a good feeling to know that I know some of these artists and have books by some and have met some. Highly recommended.

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