kleine jeansbucher wip 01
sorting and assembling the pages for the remaining three small books

I have been blogging in great detail about the making of seven Jeansbooks in the past week. If you missed it, you can find Part I here, and Part II here. I stopped at the point where I had cut and assembled all pages for the four larger books, and had assembled, but not yet cut the pages for the three smaller books. That was the situation on Wednesday the 7th. On Thursday my studio time was quite limited, as I spend a huge chunk of time in school talking. In the remaining time I sorted through the colourful signatures I had assembled the day before and pressed over night.

kleine jeansbucher wip 02
different books with their assigned signatures

At first I used up all the signatures I had. – But then decided that there is such a thing as a too chunky book. – And I am still left with a good selection of what could become exercise books. – I’ll see what I do with them later.

Then I cut the pages to size. The jeans for the smaller books were worn by my children in an earlier life and range from size 2T to 3-4 years, and thus the books are not the same size. So I had to set up a jig like explained in the last post six times. – So nothing else on that particular day.

jeansbucher wip 03
scraps – these are the kind of things I find hard to toss

When I had to collect the kids, I threw away a handful of small paper strips (you can see them above). I guess this is extremely silly, but this it the kind of thing that I find so very hard to toss. These cut-offs looked to neat, and I wish I had had a brilliant idea to make something from them. I pondered weaving and all such, but they are quite short. In the end I took a deep breath and tossed them.

jeansbooks wip
covers and pages, all ready to be bound

This is where the promised procastination started. Up until here I really made the best of the time I had, but the next day, Friday the 9th, was pretty much completely wasted. I started off with all the covers and pages neatly arranged on my worktable, ready to be bound.

Of course now my studio needd tidying up. It really did. Every hour or so, I thought now would be a good time to decide, how and where to place the stitches on the book’s spine, to pre-punch holes in the quires and covers. – And then I found something else to tidy up. Punching holes is something that requires an effort from me. – It can’t be undone, it is the most irreversible step other than the very first cutting of material. But the cutting is the first step. If I make mistakes now, I have wasted so much time and effort. Before I do it, I’ll rather quickly check Facebook…

jeansbooks wip
four hours into the Friday

And thus it took me four hours on Friday to get to this stage: The covers and pages for the first book pre-punched. Ready to start binding.

jeansbook wip 2
One and a half hours later

The time stamps on my photos tell me, the photo above was taken about 90 minutes later – what progress! And it was time to pick up the kids from school.

Jeansbooks Work in Progress
The first three on Saturday

But the next day then worked like a breeze. Once I get started, I am actually quite quick. Just the sewing of a large book takes me about 30 minutes, 20 minutes for the small jeansbook. Punching holes maybe takes another 30 minutes, so that I can finish a book in a little less than an hour, once work so so far prepared as it was. And so, although I only worked half a day, I finished the first three books on Saturday.

Sunday is a family day (established since the kids entered school) and we spent the day as a family with neither of us working. On Monday I was really busy with thread, but on Tuesday morning I then bound two more books and pre-punched the remaining two. Which were bound on Wednesday morning:

jeansbook blog
All seven books bound

Next up: Photographing and listing on Etsy. Which involves pricing. You observed now first hand how long it took me to bind the books. How do you price them? Well, I do want to sell them. I hope to earn me some Christmas money from them, and so put them at a price that I hope is fair for both me and the buyer. I’d be happy if you visited my Etsy shop to have a look, and maybe buy or share.

I really enjoyed binding books once more. I should do it more often. Actually I decided to do it more often. It is a shame that I didn’t make any journals in the past two years or so (outside commissions).

Unfortunately the gallery function doesn’t work with images that are not stored on this site (and due to a software glitch I cannot load images to this site anymore) So here are more photos embedded in large. If you go to ipernity (or Etsy of course) you’ll find more images to look at.

washed out colourful jeansbook
The Colourful. One of the larger books.
washed out colourful jeansbook 03-etsy 2
The colourful. Wonderful paste down made from a paste paper from Christine of Buntpapierfabrik
snapbutton jeansbook 05 kleiner
The snapbutton – one of the smaller books.
jeansbuch levis 03
Levis Jeansbooks. This is the only one that doesn’t have Clairefontaine pages, just brown and creme sketch paper.
denim jeansbook klein 01 kleiner
One of the smaller books. – It isn’t that small, by the way, quite close to my usual journal size.
buntes jeansbuch 01 kleiner
One of the larger books – this one has all Clairefontaine paper

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  1. The jeans journals look great! I especially like the ones with colorful signatures. Yes, it’s hard to price our work. Your prices seem just right. We’ve got to remember it’s all hand made and that accounts for so much.

    1. Hello Gina,

      thanks for the compliment and your comment. Pricing is always a headache, isn’t it? It is good to hear that you think the prices I set are appropriate.

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