It is a crossed structure binding

Crossed Structure Binding with Patent Leather

A few weeks ago I experimented with lacing strips of leather into leather. After I was finished I asked myself whether I may have re-invented the crossed structure binding. Since then I have been reading the instructions of Carmencho Arregui more thoroughly. Her description is quite specific. She describes several distinctive variations for which she has different names: There’s the basic crossed structure binding, the protective crossed structure binding, the linked crossed structure binding, and several more. Mine does not fit one of them exactly. But I would say this here is a variation of the basic crossed structure binding. The only difference is that I kept on weaving the leather strips, using them as part of the design on the covers, not only on the spine. Which is in my opinion an aesthetic not a structural difference.

think carefully: which straps are to be cut off, which to keep?

The construction of the cover needs a moment of thought and concentration, but once you have it on your sketch pad it is a fun an easy binding style. Follow the link to Carmencho Arregui‘s homepage, and give it a try yourself!

Or, if you would rather just buy them, these two beautiful examples are for sale on Etsy and in my own shop.