The move has started: 30% discount on books

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Screenshot of my Shop in its current Holiday mode

Our moving is slowly but surely starting. A couple of minutes ago, I put my B├╝chertiger Supplies Shop on Etsy in Holiday mode. We won’t be moving very soon, though. I guess it will be at least end of April until moving day. So I could have kept it open a couple weeks longer, I guess. But I ordered moving boxes today, and they will probably reach me on Tuesday. And a) I don’t really know where to store the boxes other than by giving up my office and moving all the stuff out, and b) since closing my supplies shop I realize that my whole mind ist starting to focus on moving. And other than M., I will be surounded by moving boxes and half-emptied shelves while trying to work.

I have been thinking for a long time about whether I want to pack out stuff myself, or rather have things packed. I see advantages in both. When we moved to Nottingham, I had the moving company pack everything up, and then unpacked myself here in Nottingham. It was amazing to see them pack up a whole room in an hour which would have taken me probably a week or maybe longer. And it is not like I am bored: I would really like to finish a first copy of 346 before we move. And I am thinking about entering Absences to Kaleid 2016, so I would have to make a couple of copies of that, too. And having everything packed would also have allowed me to keep my shops open for longer.

However, in that week in Bonn, packing my stuff (instead of having it packed) I would have sorted through my stuff and probably would have tossed a lot. All the sorting and tossing is left out of the process if you have the packing done. I tossed a bit when we came here (and it feels so silly, having shipped trash as it turns out) but probably not as much as if I had packed myself. So apparently I am going to sort that stuff out now.

I do hope I’ll find the peace of mind to work a little. I’ll put everything on hold for now, though. I am going to post another Webfinds Wednesday for March (I really should drop the “Wednesday” as it is a monthly, not a weekly thing, ah well). But other than that, I’ll take a moving break from blogging as well.

The buechertiger shop will be open until the boxes reach me. So if you want to give a beautiful and special journal to someone for Easter, this is the time to buy it. There is even a discount code available: Enter BIGMOVE2016 during the checkout process  for a staggering 30% discount! For examle this one. See you there!

Playing Cards Notebook by H. Kurzke, available at

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  1. I have always packed my own stuff when moving, and (probably due to time pressure and fatigue) always end up unpacking a certain percentage of trash at the other end! Best of luck. ; ]

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