Inspiration – or not

workshop H.Kurzke
on my side-desk this morning

I added a bunch of new stuff to my shop recently: A batch of beautiful new “Write it up!”- Journals (this time with the correct position of sewing stations), two journals with craft paper in the same size and style as my travel journals, but with leather and gold covers, and without a slipcase, and a real travel journal with slipcase – number 11. But as beautiful they all are – they are not really innovative. So I refrain from boring you with details and pictures here. Go to my Flickr Photostream if you want to look at the pictures.

So what am I up to at the moment? – I bought some new fabrics and a new, orange patch of monster fur. I am planning to make another monster journal (although they don’t sell – I wonder why, I love them!). Next on my plan is a day off from bookbinding for backing all that fabric, and maybe making new paste papers.

In an attempt to get my shop running, and to fuel sales, I decided to upload a new item every day for a while. I thought it would be easy to make a book a day. But to keep this up, I need to make two books a day (to have the weekend off, and to do things like backing fabric). And the only way I can keep this up is by making small editions of similar journals. This is not bad as such, but feels like a whole different way of working (see last post).

What I really long for, is take off some time for making art, but I am feeling kind of slow and uninspired. There are a couple of projects I already started weeks ago, but only thinking about them I feel bored. I also generally want to write more: Instructions, poems, I am still trying to write a short story to give as a gift to my second youngest sister who gets married next month. But everything I try sounds bland to me. Why is it that happy love stories are so boring? – Ah, well at least those that I can pen down.