I’m still living

mini coptic leather ivory and black 01
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I am still living – though my old computer nearly died. After some severe crashes over the weekend I now have a new machine, and I am trying to recover as much of the old data as I can.

I have been working, of course, during the last weeks in which you saw so few of the new pieces.
In addition to my own work I still want to show off, I also received a gift from dymphie which I want to show to you.

I’ll start making picture soon, and post the finished pieces. The one visible in this thread was only finished this morning. It is a practice piece, made from a cheap scrap of leather. The black decoration is done with parchment paper which I colored with a waterproof pen. The real thing will be made from real parchment and a nice smooth black leather that I bought on the bookbinder’s fair last weekend. (Or rather the other way around – the main material will be the black leather.)

Though this book here has some flaws that I hope to omit in the real book, I also like it on its own (and of course I hope you like it, too.) I experimented with this type of leather cover decoration for the first time, and also the closure is a new thing for me.

Have a nice week – you’ll see more finished works in the next days. See you then!

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