I’ll be Gone For About A Week

Some of the books from the guestroom, waiting for new shelves

On the spur of the moment I decided to move my studio. It’s a surprising amount of work, and I am moving into a smaller room, but I can explain:

We have 4 rooms in our flat. One is the bedroom, we have a guest and Computer room where we keep our fantasy and sci-fi literature as well as all graphic novels and audio books, a living and dining room where we keep lexica and novels that don’t fit the previous categories, and an additional room, in which we kept all non fictional literature. This non-fiction room accommodated our office space at first. It had 2 large writing desks, one for each of us. But it was never really used as an office. M. never felt quite at home there, because it was somehow my room (I was really working there, while he had another office at university). And after only a couple of weeks I arranged it as my studio.Using the smaller of the desk to work while seated and the other to work standing.

The plan for this weekend was initially to transfer the books from this room (what do I need math books and biographies for in my studio?) to our living/dining room, and use the additional space for a new workbench for me. – Working at the too low writing desks really hurts my back!

Fitting the books and shelves into the living room turned out hard, though. And now all plans got thrown over (essentially by me, and dear M. patiently goes along). In the end there will be a dining room, a living and reading room which holds all the books we have (hope it will all fit), and my studio.

Can you image how many books we have to move these days? But the new studio will be worth it. I will keep only one of the writing desks to hold presses and current working pieces, and will buy a new working bench with a place to hold tools on top and in reach. Furthermore I am going to buy a cabinet to hold different papers, and a new  computer, and a new printer.

Therefore I won’t be online much the next days, and I am taking another break from blogging. I’ll let you know how it all turns out in a few days. See you then!

2 replies on “I’ll be Gone For About A Week”

  1. I think it is truly wonderful that you have your books grouped this way – having all one genre in the same room, etc. Mine are all mixed together all over the house. Except the bookbinding books which are in the bookbinding room, of course. But now I want to rearrange all my books so I can refer to the rooms in my house as the “non fiction room” and the “sci-fi, fantasy room” and the the “historical fiction room”, etc.!!

  2. It definitely was fun to have them arranged like that. It felt a bit like living in a library, and I liked that 🙂
    Now they are all in the same room again (the reading room), still sorted by genre but it’s not quite the same. – They are only distributed very a little: Cook books in kitchen and dining room, and of course books about books and bookbinding in my studio.
    I’ll put some photos of the studio and maybe the reading room online once they are presentable.

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