“I want out!”

a box for a monster book, by H.KurzkeI made a box for one of my pink monster books. I wanted it to look like the monster is pressing against a wooden crate. – I am not sure yet what to think of this experiment. It definitely doesn’t look like that to me, just like a hairy box.

And here’s the monster:

monster book by H.KurzkeIch hab’ mal wieder ein Monsterjournal gemacht, diesmal mit zugehöriger Box. Bin allerdings nicht so wirklich zufrieden mit dem Design. Ich hatte mir vorgestellt, dass es aussieht, als ob sich das Monster gegen seinen hölzernen Käfig drücken würde, aber so sieht es zumindest für mich nicht aus.

Es gibt aber noch mehr Monsternachrichten. Ich habe größere Augen besorgt, eigentlich, um sie auf größere Bücher zu montieren:

monsteraugenI have more monster related news: I bought these bigger eyes, originally to put them onto bigger books, but it turns out, that they look hilarious on the small books. – Just like the Pacman monsters, I think:

monsterbuch by H.KurzkeAber auf den kleinen Büchern sehen die doch super aus, erinnert mich total an die Pacman Geister! Demnächst werde ich also wohl mal Pacman Bücher machen.

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  1. I think it does look its pressing against a crate! Maybe since you made it, you are too close? It’s wonderful!

    1. I, too, think they are better than the small ones. From the next monster journal on, they will get bigger eyes. I bought a variety of more eyes, some even have lashes 🙂 I experimented with using two different sized eyes, but that just looks dumb.
      And nothing beats the extra large eyes 🙂

  2. I have a fondness for those googly eyes, big or small! A friend and I send each other occasional care packages with packets of the eyes inside–sort of daring each other to see what we’ll do with them. I like the burst of wild pink on both cover and book.

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