Shopping for Bookcloth and Headbands

Coptic Bound with HeadbandsHere in Bonn I have had a hard time buying fabric for books. All the textile stores within my reach focus on customers who want to sew their own carnival costumes, so what they offer is mainly cheap stuff with a lot of exaggerated decor.

But now a new shop opened not far from where I live and, oh my god, it’s  lovely. I managed to stop myself from spending hundreds of Euros and limited myself to the dotted fabric that you see on the picture above, and some ribbons. It was hard to decide what to choose – everything seemed wonderful and perfectly suited to be turned into book covers. I really hope they will make it! – Many shops on this road open and close again only a few months later.

Auf der Kölnstraße hier in Bonn hat ein neuer Stoffladen aufgemacht. Endlich mal einer, der nicht ein Schnäppchenmarkt ist, und zwar nicht gerade billige, aber dafür wunderschöne Ware bietet. Ich konnte mich kaum zurückhalten, nicht von allem ein bisschen was zu kaufen. Der Pünktchenstoff oben hat dann aber doch noch seinen Weg in meine Einkaufstasche gefunden, zusammen mit zwei verschiedenen Bändern. Ich hoffe, der Laden wird sich halten, und nicht wie so viele in letzter Zeit gleich wieder schließen!

As you can see I practiced with headbands on this book, and I am really satisfied with my work this time. I’ll close with a detailed view on the headbands.

Thank you for reading!

Coptic Bound with Headbands

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  1. Really nice headbands and the dotty cloth looks great too. Your close up of the headbands should be useful for anyone thinking of having a go.

  2. Thanks to both for the compliment and the comment!
    I even grew more fond of this cloth after the book was done. I am going to make a variant of this today… You’ll see it again if my experimental coptic double headbands work out 🙂

    1. Is Aachen also known for the Karnival? – I didn’t know that, but it’s probably the whole region that goes crazy at the beginning of spring 😉

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