Hardcover Pamphlets

spring stripes hardcover pamphlet
In the past days I made a whole lot of pamphlets in hard covers. 10 to be precise. Plus a bunch of hand painted labels.

It was fun to have this opportunity to take out all my different fabrics. I would like to make some more, but first I’ll see whether anyone would want to pay me for much work for few pages.

Some are listed as individual books, like this one on the left. And I offer a box filled with 7 of them. This was actually the first idea, that drove me to make these pamphlets: The box contains 7 pamphlets with a total of 224 pages. – One journal, so to say. But divided into 7 pamphlets with the advantage that you can often start a new journal.  – Isn’t the start always the most fun part? And you can carry them around with you without feeling like having a brick in your purse.

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