Happy New Year!

Hilke Kurzke work in progress
one ruled world becoming book art again; page not finished yet

I hope you are having as good a start into the new year as I am having. Making up for being away before Christmas, I was granted several consecutive working days while M. took time off work. After a first one or two frustrating and uninspired days, I got my head finally out above the clouds, and new ideas popped up faster than I could jot them down. Which in turn makes me want to spend less time at the computer, and more time in my studio. So this will be a rather short blog post, just to let you know I am still here and alive, and to send out some greetings.

I started to work again on the “soul song” book which I though was almost dead just before Christmas. Hooray! Also for the ruled world(s) I had some new ideas, and started to try them out today. If this works out, this will be my first altered book project. I am very excited to try this! The book that is being destroyed enriched by new content has the title “Practical Geometry for Art Students”. I am very happy to have found this copy. Title and content fit very well for what I have in mind, and the original text will stay mostly legible. And in the near future you will also read more about a book I am making for the current swap on the book arts forum. Thinking about that one was actually what got me going on the other projects. But there will be time to talk about that book later, when I have some more to show off, picture-wise.

So, what else is new? The project message in a bottle stays dear to me! I dispatched three bottles during my vacation in Germany, and another one got found. To read more about this, head over to my dedicated bog at flaschentiger.wordpress.com.

I am also very proud that someone else wrote about the project and has become a real fan. I applied for some other bottles to be included in the MCBA Fluxjob exhibition. – It would be fun to have them included! I am awaiting their decision the end of this week.

I also received new and more thread. Previously of the French Lin Cable I only had the thickest thread No. 332 (comparable to NeL 18/4 in thickness) in 13 colours. Now I also offer the No. 432 thread (comparable to NeL 18/3), and have a total of 19 colours available.

I am wishing you all a good new year 2014, with enough time, health and peace to be creative, to enrich the world and make something new.

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  1. So good to see that you had some good time being productive. A true gift for the new year! The altered book looks great–I look forward to seeing how it goes.

    I’ve been enjoying the thread I got from you previously. I just sewed a new sketchbook for myself and am working on another. Having beautiful thread makes all the difference!

    Very best wishes for 2014!

    1. Hi Ellen, thanks for your encouraging words on my altering attempts 🙂 It is good to hear that you found the time to make some books! I can’t remember when I last sewed one. With all the printing earlier in the year and then moving, I think I didn’t make a single book in the past year. And of course it is always great to hear of satisfied customers!

      All the best for you for the next year as well!

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