Hairy Book

hairy book 01 kleinThis is my newest book. I was sewing on cords for the first time, and enjoyed it so much that I wanted a design of the book that celebrated the cords – so I decided to leave them hanging from the book.

Inside are 280 pages from a cream white sketching paper (I think it’s Canson, but I’m not sure.)

sewing frame 01 klein

Until now, when I was sewing on tapes, I held their ends with  masking tape to the table, and constructed the book without proper tension in the tapes. This is possible. But working even as crudely as I did here, is so much more fun!

hairy book 03 kleinerThis is a sewing which K.Smith calls 1-Section X stitch. As mentioned it was my first time with cords, and therefore of course also my first time with this special technique. The x’s are still rather wonky. – But I’ll work on that.

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  1. Don’t know yet what I want to do with it. Probably it will turn up in my shop soon – at a discounted price to make up for the wonky stitches. – It is a fully functional book, in the end.

  2. I like your x-stitches, far better than mine first try, those I will never show and a second one is still not in the making 🙂 Very nice leaving the cords loose, it makes it like the book is crawling it’s way to escape.
    The sewing bench is SUPERB. Never ever occured to me to make one like this, I have all the tools, thank you so much posting a photo. How do you secure the cords on the table? Tape, nail or…?

  3. Thanks, I am glad that you like it 🙂
    @sewing frame: As I understand it, you want that the cords hang from the rod directly above the table’s edge. You’ll have to ensure this by choosing a good diameter of the roll stuck onto the clamp.
    I used masking tape to secure the cord to the table: One on the end of each individual cord below the table, and then another long piece of tape at the edge of the table.

  4. Lindo teu blog, é o que tu fazes é encantador,
    passar por aqui é aprender sempre mais.
    Boa Sorte para ti

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