Gut Ding will Weile haben

monsterbuch 003We are holding/preparing a carnival challenge among the Etsy bookbinding folk at the moment. For one or two weeks I had been searching my mind for a good idea for a carnival themed book – without finding one. By the end of last week I was growing nervous that I didn’t have an idea what to enter for a contest that I myself initiated.

Yesterday, finally, I started to prepare the covers for this monster book. It will be a book in monster costume or a monster in book costume – who knows, it’s your own risk if you let it into your home.

It just takes an ridiculous amount of time to make. I am working the individual feathers into the mesh of the fabric. – Finishing these covers will probably be my only occupation for today…

This post’s title “Gut Ding will Weile haben” means something like: “Good things cannot be done in a rush”, or “Good things need time to develop”. But it also has a ring of: “It may look bad now, but good things need time to emerge.”

May you always have the time for your projects that you need for their completion!

3 replies on “Gut Ding will Weile haben”

  1. I am sure that it will be great!
    And I completely understand the last minute panic on projects that we thought were a good idea “once upon a time”. ;}

  2. I can just imagine you with feathers everywhere. Looks like you are having fun making this cover, don’t forget to post a photo. I’m sure it will be a dear little monster – good luck with the challenge.

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