Good News, Everyone: The Book Is Ready To Be Printed

I am finally finished, the book “Six Ways To Make Coptic Headbands” is ready. After M. tried out the first instruction I added a bit to the troubleshooting section and also made some more pictures.
Because I wanted to modify the book slightly, I told some of you who asked me whether they could pre-order to rather wait a little longer, and didn’t want to promise anything.
But – good news! – I’m done, and the book can be ordered.

the books won't have this front flap but will look similar otherwise

The Binding: The book has 70 pages, laserprinted on a white paper. It is bound with an Asian stabstitch (with a little trick that allows for this sewn-on cover from red cardstock with no threads on the outside). All pages are scored, open properly, and stay open easily also at the end of the book. The decorative frontsheet is a thick handmade rice paper with leaves printed on some of them. At the back the book is enforced by an additional piece of white cardstock.

Pictures: The book contains 86 photos (plus the title image) and 1 sketch.

Language: English

Size: 12cm x 21xm x 0.5cm that’s approximately: 4 4/5″ x 8 1/5″ x 1/4″

the book opens well

The contents: The book has 10 chapters, one for each of the following instructions, plus a foreword, a chapter on general preparations, a chapter explaining how to do the whole construction mirror symmetric (interesting for left handed persons), and a troubleshooting chapter at the end. The six Coptic headbands included are: the usual one-colored headband, the simple two-colored headband, the plain two-colored headband, the true double headband, the poor double headband, and the fake double headband.

What you need: Each instruction first tells you to bind your book in a Coptic or similar style. Only the modifications that you’ll have to do for the attachment of the headbands are explained, it is assumed that you know how to Coptic bind a book.
Materials and tools that you need for a book with such a headband are: A hole punch or awl, paper for the signatures of your book, covers for your book, bookbinding thread, and one or two straight bookbinding needles.

one of the many pictures in the book
one of the many pictures in the book

Special Offer: I will list this book on Etsy for 22 US-$, and on DaWanda for 15€, in each case plus shipment costs. As a special offer to my readers, you can get this book at a 20% discount if you order before end of August via email to contact [at] (That’s 12€ or 17.60 US-$, I accept both currencies.) You’ll receive detailed payment information via email when you ordered. Shipment costs are:
Germany: 1€
Europe (includes non-EU contries): 3,50€
World: 6,50€ or 9,30$

The books are printed and made after ordered, and get shipped after they are payed. I’ll give you an estimate when it will be finished when I provide the payment information. You can expect it to be 1-3 days.

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  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum fertigen Projekt! 🙂 Ich bin schon sehr gespannt und werde auf jeden Fall eines bestellen!

  2. The headbands make the coptic books look so much better, thanks for making these instructions! I have ordered one, too. 🙂

  3. Good to hear that it reached you safely. I’d love to hear how it worked for you. I’m happy to provide further help via email, and would like to know if a part of the instruction can be improved.
    I hope you had fun with a new style on your Coptic bound books!

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