Girdle Book – First Images

girdle book 004In the last week I have been working on two copies of a girdle book that I am making for the book swap we are holding at the moment at Jackie’s Book  Art Forum. We agreed (similar to the Nag Hammadi Swap last year around this time) to not restrict the books to historic replicae but also allow some interpretations.

The lot determined that I am making a book for vuscor. – I hope he’ll like what he gets.

Igirdle book 008 am still not completely done (shame on me, I am supposed to have it in the mail today).

Like last time I actually made two copies: One to give away, and one to keep, and maybe find a way to exhibit it.

What really kept me busy for the last week is the making of the content. I used a new to me method of coloring sheets of instructions, in my perception I invented the method. This yielded three different types of look on the pages, one of them (the most neat and least punk one) can be seen in the last image.

girdle book 018More details will only be reveiled at the end of the week, once vuscor has received his copy.

Have a nice week!

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  1. Oooh you actually sewn over strings !! 🙂 mine was done generously on time but I didn’t make any ‘content’

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