Geburtstagsgeschenk umgekehrt

Thanks for all the good wishes for my next year! I had a very nice birthday weekend this year. The gloomy weather had turned to a winter wonderland over night, and I spend a day with my family.

Some of my presents will pop up here occasionally. For example from my sister I got some really nice papers, among them a banana paper which I decided to use with the monster book covers. But I got a whole lot more stuff, books to read, gold leaf foil to use, and best of all: a new camera – my first real one with exchangeable lenses, and with more manual control over the image.

As announced before, I want to pass on some of that birthday joy. I decided to give a copy of my Coptic headbands book to Denise (The second edition is now ready to be ordered!). To employ also a little bit of luck into the game, I decided to give out another, smaller item. I threw a virtual die and determined to give one of my jotter journals to Kiley (click here to see more, and order your own). The owl is one of my very first lino cuts, the covering paper is a thick Asian paper (the same that is also used for the end paper for the Coptic headband book, but without the leaf print). Pages inside are lined. – I hope both will like their gifts!

And now I am off to play with my new camera, finish the monster book (one of the covers is finished by now), and get those gifts into the mail. See you around!

2 replies on “Geburtstagsgeschenk umgekehrt”

  1. Hi Hilke

    COngratulations on your birthday gifts. What a wonderful wintery scene you have to experiment with your new camera.

    Have fun, best wishes

    Billie 🙂

  2. YAY! I can’t wait to get him, I’ve been looking for a new little notebook and it’s perfect.
    I’ll need to pick your brain about lino printing, I tried this year to print an old lino block my dad had made and it has terrible results.

    Enjoy the camera, they are so much fun!

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