Recent and Ongoing Projects

flight, artwork H. Kurzke 2019

Flight and other Works in Paper Mache

Flight is the most recent work in a body of art that deals with pregnancy, misscarriage and the perception of women and their bodies by the public. You can read more about this piece of art or go and see more about my

>>work in papier mâché


Project Message in a Bottle

Project Message in a Bottle is an ongoing art project which I started in 2013. It quite plainly consists of small pieces of art put into a bottles and which are eventually released to be found by random strangers.

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My latest bigger print (beside ATCs) is this Nottingham inspired print. It is a classic lino cut on the background of a silkscreen monoprint.

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346. A Journey While Staying as Still As Possible

This artist book contains a large scroll which gives an day to day account of my 7 week stay in hospital while pregnant with my twins in 2011. It is a “story almost true” – it is a piece of personal history shaped into a story. I made it into an edition of 10, the first two of which are accompanied by a miniature model of the hospital room I stayed in.

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Limp Leather Binding Miniature


Miniatures of all kinds have been part of my artwork from the very beginning in 2008. It all started with miniature blank books sold in matchboxes.
Now they feature big in my Small World series of messages in bottles, and of course as part of my latest book “346. A Journey While Staying as Still as Possible”, an edition of 10 where the first 2 copies come with a replica model of the hospital room No. 346 where I spent 7 weeks prior to the birth of my twins in 2011.

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