Forgetfulness can be bliss

Book by Elissa Campell of Blue Roof DesignsLook what I found in my mailbox today: This beautiful “grabby” journal was made by Elissa Campbell of Blue Roof Designs. When I received a small package today, I first thought it was another welcome present for my twins. Then I saw that it came from Elissa, and I remembered that several weeks ago, while I was still in hospital, hubby had told me of an email from USPS informing me about a package from her to me. At the time I thought it must be a mistake of a sort. When I came home from hospital, I meant to ask her whether she was had sent me something. Either to inform her that it didn’t reach me, or that she must have placed my name on it accidentally. But then I forgot about that email and the package. And then today it reached me.

Just as much as I am surprised about the generous gift, I am happy about it. I first saw one of these journals on Flickr about one and a half years ago; it was the one in flamingo red. I was so fascinated by the looks, that I remembered the name, and found out more about the creator, got in contact through her blog, and later met her again as a team member of the bookbinding etsy street team. You can find out a little more about her in an interview with her that I published on the team’s blog. Elissa is one of those industrious people whom I admire: How is she doing all these things she is doing? I wonder whether she has some kind of magic device that grants her more hours the day than I have. And of course she makes awesome journals and photo albums – have a look! While the flamingo colored journal was the one that caught my first attention, green is one of my favorite colors, so I was really excited about that journal.

And then it dawned on me that I could have known what to expect. I won it in one of her give-aways on her blog. It was such a nice surprise to find it in the mail: I must say, forgetfulness can be bliss.

Thank you very much, Elissa! Your gift is much appreciated.

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  1. What a wonderful surprise to get in the mail! Lucky you. Elissa is a wonderful book artist and nice person.

    1. Very nice person, indeed. And dependable: I should have mentioned that she took over my duties for the Etsy bookbinding team when I entered hospital, and even finished two partly done interviews on short notice.

  2. You are so sweet! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the book.

    The feelings you describe are familiar to me – I often think that everyone else has their act together much more than me. Sadly, I’ve got no magic powers.

    I do think that at times, I’m a really great actress. I decided long ago that I wouldn’t wear my cranky pants when blogging about my work. Nothing about the massive pile of papers sitting next to my computer, the to-do list I can’t find, and the unreturned Emails/phone calls.

    I’m starting to think that this is an artist affliction – the whole “I don’t do enough” thing…I hear it a lot.

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