I found out about the third annual Napa flipbook competition the other day. If you click here you will reach their site with all information (scroll down for English). They seem a bit confused about what year we have, but I am guessing that we all have time until November this year to finish our flip books to be considered for publication in December 2010.

Sounded interesting enough. First thing I did was a simple search on youtube. There I rediscovered the most amazing book INHALE-EXHALE by Matthew Daren Shlian. I think I linked to it before, but here it is again. Be sure to also check out his website he made some really awesome paper sculpture books.

Closer to what I had in mind, are the flipbooks by juggleboy87. – My favorite is “Dive”.

After an hour watching good flip books on youtube, I now feel too intimidated to start my own. – Maybe tomorrow…