Die Stadt / The CityIch habe mal wieder mehrere Dinge zu Ende gebracht. Die Stadt / The City ist endlich fertig, mein verrücktes Projekt, 24 (bzw. 26) mini pop-ups in je einer Streichholzschachtel. Die ersten 14 Exemplare haben ein Rückholbändchen, die nächsten 10 zwei.

I finished several things last Wednesday and took this morning to making pictures. Here’s finally an image of my mini pop-up “Die Stadt/The City”. Puh, finally finished! I learned a couple of things. First of: Make one complete version before starting an edition. That sounds so simple and conclusive. In each step it seemed so reasonable to start right away with a streamlined process, but I intent not to make this mistake again!

Die Stadt / The CityI also built a case for the version of “frozen” that I presented last weekend. The warp around stuff might look like a closure but it isn’t, it just looks like one: A piece of parchment attached with tackets and a running stitch with a long thread wrapping around the case, finished off with several bone beads. The case is opened by removing the the black cap which is in fact a crown book (like before) and then the individual sheets can be taken from the case and attached to the crown. The next version is already in the stadium of being actively planned: first problem solving and props under way.
Frozen in TimeAuch fertig geworden ist ein Behälter für die version von “frozen”, die ich letztes Wochenende vorgestellt habe. Was hier für Leute, die Wrap-around Verschlüsse gewohnt sind vielleicht aussieht wie ein Verschluss, ist nur Zierde: Ein StückPergament, mit tackets befestigt und einem Heftstich mit langem Faden daran, der sich um die Schachtel windet und am Ende mit 3 Knochenperlen endet. Man öffnet die Schachtel, indem man die schwarze Krone abnimmt. Das ist ein Büchlein, das als Ständer für die einzelnen Seiten dient, die in der Schachtel stecken, und die man nun einfach herausnehmen kann. Die nächste Version ist schon im Stadium konkrete Planung.
Frozen in Time

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        1. This is a very nice way of saying the same thing 🙂 Well, at last I finished it. I just could bite myself for so much time lost on this project. Well, now I am free to do other things, one of a kind books. And I just realize that a exhibition starting in 9 days is a big motivation to finish things. Made and finished another book on Sunday and hope to do one tomorrow. Since regret is fading away – maybe the lesson to be learned here will be lost in the end.

  1. Congratulations! They look great.

    I have often found that tiny books are even more work than larger ones. And you are right: doing one model from start to finish helps to discover all the problems at the beginning — a lesson I have also learned the hard way. : }

    1. Thank you, Cathryn! Good to hear I am not the first to make the mistake to start with a edition without a complete model. Now it seems so obvious that I should have made one. It would have helped estimate the finishing time, too. I don’t know how many times I thought I was almost finished just to realize that I have a month of work in front of me. Well, I just hope I won’t make the same mistake twice.

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