Failure or New Design?

This did not turn out like intended. Not sure yet, whether I have to file this under “unintentional design” or under “failure”. The book will have to stay in my studio for a while, and stand being stared at. Probably in a few days I will have decided whether to list it in my shop(s) or take it apart again.The idea was, to match the rough look of the leather with rag paper and with a sewing on supports also consisting of rags. I tore a white piece of cotton cloth to stripes and braided them. Then I used these braids like cords would be used, untied them a little to weave them through the limp leather cover, and then braid and knot again. The braids turned out rather thick though. And they were intended to stay on the outside of the leather, but after opening and closing the book once, it slips to the inside again, and is hardly visible through the small slits in the leather.  Probably I could paste the spine to the leather cover, but I am reluctant to do this.
On the other hand, it does look interesting. Or is that only me, and my love for my own creation?

The pages’ edges have been colored with acrylics, because I wanted this ragged, deckled edge, I could not do this in the way edge coloring is usually added, and the paint has to extend onto the pagess. A few pages are deliberately smudges also on the interior.Edit/Update: Looking at the photos I now understand what didn’t work there. I should have had only small slits in the leather, and sew through it to the braids. Next time…

Edit/Update: I decided to take it apart today (February 17th). New update with more images will follow.