Even more Crochet

More Crochet
even more crochet

If I try something new, I tend to dive in. And currently it’s crochet… On the left in the picture above you mostly see stuff that I want to print from. On the top are my latest pieces: granny squares for a blanket, an ambitious project that I am not at all sure I will be able to finish. and on the lower right a lot of fun, bright coloured washing mitts for all the little ones in my family, my own children and my nieces and nephew.

Also, the latest project is dyeing my hair. My intention is to go to blue eventually but I am not yet sure whether I’ll manage. It started with getting a new haircut, and then I bleached my hair. It is currently a bright ginger. Not sure yet whether I want to put on blue tomorrow
SelfieCan you tell I am bored? – I need a functioning studio again. Luckily all is coming along well. I guess all the walls will be finished in a couple of days, on the 17th they start to put in the floor. The following weekend, unfortunately, I am on Germany for a visit and so cannot move in. But then…

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