I am back from my short visit in Edinburgh. I missed the Book Festival which was sad, and plunged right into The Fringe (article on Wikipedia here) which was lucky because it was unexpected, and a lot of fun.

I delivered my mini poetry book “du bist min, ich bin din” by hand to the Scottish Poetry Library, where it will be part of an exhibition exploring the small in poetry publications. The curator told me, that at the moment (and the deadline had already passed) mine was the smallest book they had for the exhibit.

On the Blog of Guylaine Couture (beautiful books, I have some of the smaller ones, do have a look!), you can read about her visit to Edinburgh. – I visited the same places at least briefly, but must admit that I was more occupied with the performance arts,

finding my way through the crowds that gathered in the city during the Fringe Festival,

listening to bag pipers and watching parades,

and sitting in cafes, sipping coffee, and writing up a new story. (First part sounds good to me, the second part needs more work; maybe I’ll show it to you when I am satisfied – if that ever happens.)

Once I have sorted through my mail, and 130 unread blog posts, I definitely plan to let you in on what I have been doing in July, so stay tuned for more books in the next week!

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  1. Edinburgh streets are much less empty than when I was there a few weeks ago! Congratulations on the poetry exhibition. your little poetry book looks wonderfully intriguing–makes me want to pick it up and see what’s inside.

  2. yes, it was definitely crowded in the city while I was there. I wouldn’t have minded if some of them had stayed home 🙂 It was nice to read your blogpost before going there. I loved analogue books, but then didn’t buy anything. I was too tempted by too many things, couldn’t decide, decided to check back later, and then somehow never did.

    Glad you like the mini book, thanks for the compliment!

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