Easter Give-Away: First And Second Winner

As mentioned before, I put my (online) shops to a halt for about two weeks at and after Easter to spent some more time with my kids and husband as a family. Tomorrow is the first shipping day since Easter, and so tonight a first winner for my give-away was determined by a random number generator.

If you are not the lucky winner, you still have another week and another chance to participate and win the second of these vintage linen thread spools, 50g of thread each on a wooden spool. It is black three-ply thread which I bought in this vintage condition. Here are once again the rules for the raffle: Each spool of Gruschwitz thread bought in one of my shops on Etsy or DaWanda gives you one ticket in the raffle. The evening before I next ship items (probably next Friday), I will determine one winner who will receive the spool together with those ordered.

Good luck, everyone!

Wie schon zuvor erwähnt, mache ich gerade zwei Wochen Urlaub von meinen Shops, um mehr Zeit mit meiner Familie zu verbringen. Morgen ist der erste Tag seit Ostern, an dem ich Waren verschicken werde. Deshalb wird heute abend ein erster Gewinner bestimmt.

Falls du nicht der glückliche Gewinner bist – oder sogar selbst dann – hast du in der nächsten Woche noch einmal die Chance, die zweite Spule zu gewinnen. Jede Spule Gruschwitz Zwirn, die ich das nächste Mal (wahrscheinlich nächsten Freitag, vielleicht auch erst Samstag) verschicken werde, zählt als ein Los in der Trommel. Ob du sie in meinem Etsy-Shop oder meinem DaWanda-Shop kaufst, spielt für die Gewinnchancen keine Rolle.

Alles viel Glück!

Und das Gewinnticket dieser Woche ist:

And the winning ticket of this week is:

The number 10! The spool will therefore travel to a destination in Saxony. Congratulations!

Die Nummer 10 hat gewonnen! Die erste Spule reist daher nach Sachsen. Glückwunsch!


Edit: The second winner has been chosen already yesterday: Due to only one order of Gruschwitz thread last week, I didn’t have to ask the RNG for a winner. Congratulations again! I am happy that the spool went to someone who actually collects and cares for vintage sewing items.

Edit: Der zweite Gewinner hat seine Spule Zwirn mittlerweile auch erhalten. Da es letzte Woche nur eine Kundin gab, die Gruschwitz-Faden gekauft hat, musste ich gar nicht den RNG bemühen. Es freut mich sehr, dass die Gewinnerin sich so sehr gefreut hat. Offenbar sammelt sie alte Nähschätze. Nocheinmal herzlichen Glückwunsch!


2 replies on “Easter Give-Away: First And Second Winner”

  1. What a lovely Easter gift! I’m just finding my mother’s collections of threads and yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks. I can’t imagine how she needed so many but she and my grandmother were very prolific knitters and crocheters. I love sorting through it all.

  2. Hi Carol,

    I can imagine how much time can be spend with an old sewing and knitting box. And imagine it must be kind of bittersweet to sort through their stuff. Maybe you’ll be able to give these items new life, and the memory of your mother yet another form. I find it always beautiful to see how tools and other items are passed down a generation and are handled again and again. (And I am very sad that I didn’t have interest in my grandfather’s tools when they moved when they were too old to live alone in a big house, and then found them all gone when he passed away.)

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